​The UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) is the UK’s national centre for the design and production of leading-edge astronomical instrumentation and systems. We have a friendly and flexible work environment, on a beautiful site combining the historic Royal Observatory Edinburgh architecture with state-of-the-art modern laboratories.

We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are invested in creating an environment that is welcoming and supportive of all, to help us achieve the highest possible standards in our work and organisation together.​

Current Vacancies

For current vacancies at UK ATC alongside STFC and UKRI opportunities in Edinburgh please see the UKR​I Careers Portal​.

For the UK Astronomy Technology Work Experience Programme for students in S4, S5 and S6 or equivalent see Work Experience​ 


Working for the Science and Technology Facilities Council

One of the technicians at UK ATC talking to the public about our work in the laboratory.As one of Europe’s largest research organisations, STFC asks the biggest questions in the Universe to find answers that change the world around us. We seek understanding. We’re proud of the impact we make. And we’re committed to helping build a globally competitive, knowledge-based UK economy. Being part of all this means contributing to work that pushes boundaries and creates possibilities. You’ll work with, and learn from, true experts. Whatever your role, you’ll be free to question, and encouraged to share ideas. And, in a positive and supportive culture, you’ll discover just what a difference you can make when you’re equipped and inspired to excel.

We’re a place where curious minds thrive. Not bound by profit, we explore ideas that others don’t, ask questions that others won’t, and discover answers that others are not equipped to find. And, alongside Mars landings and black holes, we also explore diverse, international projects in everything from science and engineering to computing and technology. Whether it’s at the cutting edge or behind the scenes, our work is intellectually challenging. It’s very often ground-breaking.  And it’s endlessly, irresistibly fascinating.

​You can also visit STFC's careers site. ​​​


Apprenticeships at UK ATC

​There are a small number of apprentice opportunities​ on site at UK ATC as part of STFC's wider programme. A​pprentices at UK ATC play a key role​ working directly on major astronomy projects.​