Current Projects

Projects UK ATC is currently working on, developing, designing or constructing.​


  • Aerial photo of the ALMA observatory in the desert in Chile.
  • The construction of the Extremely Large Telescope seen in silhouette with the sun burning bright behind.
  • Artsist concept of the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • Artists concept of what LISA will look like in space. It looks like a disc firing lasers.
  • A close up of one of the cameras in MOONS.
  • The ORP logo which features a series of telescopes in silhouette against the night sky.

Active Projects

Projects and instruments that UK ATC has completed and ​are active in the field.


  • Astronomical instrument KMOS's 24 configurable arms.
  • SCUBA2, which is alarge blue and metal astronomical instrument, in the Crawford Lab
  • The VISTA telescope in Chile.

Past Projects

Completed projects that have finished their science goals.​


  • NASA's Global Hawk pilotless aircraft which looks line an airplane with no windows
  • Artist's concept of the Herschel Space Observatory.