Further funding for AtLAST announced
10 Jul 2024



EU has pledged funding for the next 3.5 years of the post-design study phase.




The European Commission has recently announced that it will fund the next step in the development of the next generation sub-mm telescope with a focus on science, state of the art technologies and sustainability. The grant from the European Union will fund the next 3.5 years of the post-design study phase.

AtLAST (Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope) ​is a proposed next-generation astronomical observatory featuring a 50-meter class single-dish telescope operating at sub-mm wav​elengths. It is currently in the design and concept stage with plans to be powered sustainably and host a suite of state-of-the-art instruments.​

The €4 million grant will go towards the post-design study phase, allowing scientists and engineers to refine the telescope's specifications, better consider the instrumentation suite, evaluate technical feasibility, derive a science reference plan and address other remaining challenges. This next phase of development, led from the University of Oslo, includes participation not only from across Europe but also Japan and South Africa.

Pamela Klaassen, Senior Project Scientist at UK ATC and one of the coordinators of the study, said: “It's fantastic to hear new funding for AtLAST has been awarded, taking the project one step closer to becoming a reality. That the UK Astronomy Technology Centre and Cardiff University are a part of this project is a testament to the hard work, accomplishments and international standing of UK scientists, engineers and technologists."