Staff profile - Sandi Wilson
06 Mar 2024



Sandi Wilson tells us more about her role as a Senior Project Manger at UK ATC.




Job title: Project Manager for the UK Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) Programme

What does your role involve? 

Working with colleagues at UK ATC and four universities to deliver the UK's contribution to instruments for ESO's Extremely Large Telescope as well as engaging astronomers, industry and the public with the ELT.

What did you do before you joined UK ATC? 

I worked for Philips Electronics in the Netherlands, developing the technology behind optical storage formats like DVD+RW and Blu-ray Disc.

What's the best thing about your job? 

Working with lots of different teams.

What are your highlights of your time working at UK ATC? 

Talking to members of the public at the annual ROE Doors Open Days events and explaining why working on big telescopes is so cool.

​What is your favourite place on the Royal Observatory Edinburgh site? 

The rooftop of the old building, because the view of the city and surroundings is breath-taking. 

Tell us an fun fact about the ​UK ATC? 

We now have more female engineers and​ scientists at UK ATC than people called Dave – it wasn't always like this!